Installing NERDTree plugin for vim

How to install NERDTree plugin for vim editor

1. To Install NERDTree plugin РVisit GitPage

cd ~/.vim/bundle 
git clone


Open NERDTree on gvim/macvim startup


Have problem?

Some times you will see this in NERDTree “?~V?”, don’t worry here is the fix for it.

Adding the following to your bashrc / zshrc

export LC_ALL=en_US.utf-8
export LANG="$LC_ALL"


1. Vim Essential Plugin : NERDTree – By NetTutsPlus

Sort cut to toggle NERDTreeToggle – Insert following line in ~/.vimrc “General” section

nmap   :NERDTreeToggle

nmap means map in normal mode
imap means map in insert mode

How to close open file in VIM?

:nmap   :bd

How to search open file in VIM?

CTRL + P or /serch term